Monday :Yaya….Jenny…. Kim .

… Vicky …. Sasha …. Vikey   


Tuesday:   Kimmy ..    Rossy

Anna       Nadia     Jeniffer ….. Jessy


Wednesday : Mimi ….Judy ….. Bella

Cherry …… Yaya….. Irene


Thursday :  Rossy     Kim ….Angie

Cherry.    Sandy … Vivian


Friday :  Mimi…. Ada… Sasa       

Irene     Vivian       Anna ……Kimmy


Saturday :    Sasha       Irene


Sunday :     Ada…… Cherry      


Updated:    25 / 10 / 2019

138 thoughts on “TIMETABLE

  1. Hi there,

    Are you able to couple massage? My gf and I would prefer couple massage at hotel in city, would be happy to around $300-$400, for 1-2 masseus


  2. It is too bad that you are only opened until 8pm. Is it possible for me to confirm the reservation and to do the massage after 8pm?

    Thank you.

    • We apologise for this, but if you come before 8pm we can accomodate your massage!
      Thank you for your enquiry !

  3. There was a girl here with a tattoo that said “you are here”.

    She was amazing. Does she still work here and if so, what is her name?

  4. Hi, I have lower back pain. Does Remedial Massage covers it and if so how many visits required. Also do you guys give exercise routine n stuff like that?

    • All girls form China. Korea. Japan. Thailand. Malaysia. Hong Kong. Taiwan. All the pretty young girls & professional massage

  5. Can you please check this timetable page as it doesn’t seem to be showing on my mobile?

    Is Anne still working? If so, what day?

  6. I would love an erotic massage by a male it is my fantasy I am a woman so please can u reply and if u can do this and how much many thanks MARIA

  7. Does Fiona definitely work on a Thursday? I have been to your establishment on the days that it says she has worked and she has not been working. I really want to get a massage from Fiona on Thursday next week. Can you ensure that she is working please?

  8. Oh hi. I am wishing for experience of Kitty and Abby where they massage each other while I do massage to myself. What day is best for this one?

  9. You to visit Thai girl known as ‘April’ on Mondays. She no longer on your list of girls. Has she left the country?

  10. is mimi the same girl used to work last year? thailand girl she left the job now she is back? or she new girl?

    • Not same girl but time Mimi from Thailand to she do very good massage you can try I’m sure you will happy

  11. Hi girls, I just live at Siesta next door. Any free for 60mins oil massage? I may meet you 6.30 or 7pm tonight.
    (got blocked calling on my NZ company phone) May visit soon :-) Thanks

  12. Hi. does Amy, on your Tuesday roster, also work at Seven Hills? I visit an Amy at Seven Hills, Chinese with magic hands and she said she worked in a shop at Wynyard, hoping it is yours.

  13. Hi there, do you have availability for a 30 min massage at 11 am today? it is for my employee experiencing headaches and neck tension.


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